Quick Start - Testing

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Quick Start - Testing

Here are a set of instructions and links to get you up and running in a test environment quickly.


1)If you haven't done so already, download and run the ResSchedInstall.exe on your test machine accepting the default options.


2)Run ResSched.exe found in the default folder (C:\ResSchedServer)


3)Click the Logging tab and make sure that Log Server Transactions is set to Screen Only or Screen and Disk. If it isn't, Save the Changes and restart ResSched.


4)On the Logging tab, you should see Listening on Port 80 and Listening on Port 443.  If not, go to Trouble Shooting Installation


5)Open your browser and enter in the address bar. Because we have not added any security certificates yet, your browser will likely complain about the site being insecure or not private. Click the 'Advanced' or 'Continue' button to view the page anyway.


6)You should see the ResSched Sign In page . If not, check the Logging Tab. If there are no GET statements after the Listening On statements, it means the security settings on your machine, either from Windows or other security application are blocking the port from receiving requests.


7)Sign in using FIRST USER as the user name and FIRST PASS as the password (case sensitive). You should get the ResSched menu.


At this point your test of ResSched is up and running.  There are many other settings both on the server application and for your organization that you will want to work with.  If you can't get to this point, email us at support@madrigalsofttools.com or by phone at 1.888.291.291 or 1.250.733.2570.