Setting Up Email Notifications

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Setting Up Email Notifications

Email notifications require entries in both server settings and organization settings.


Server Settings


The settings for connecting to your email server and sending messages through it are on the Email Settings Tab.


1.Turn on Use Email for Notifications;

2.Enter the DNS name of your email server;

3.Enter the port used by your email server;

4.Enter the name and password of a fully authenticated user account for the email server;

5.Select whether to use TLS encryption to connect to the email server.  The Always option will not connect if TLS is not available on the email server at the time of connection. Start will try to connect using TLS, but will connect unencrypted if TLS is not available.


Click the Test Email button then enter your email address in the To field and a working address in the From field. Add test entries in the title and message fields and click Send.  The Test Result box will show whether the test message was successful and all the communication between ResSched and your email server to help you diagnose any connection problems.



Organization Settings


1.Start ResSched on your server if it is not running.

2.Sign in to ResSched using your browser. Use a system administrator ID.

3.From the main menu, select Administration>Organization Settings>General

4.In the Email Settings for Notifications section, enter a valid email address in the From entry, and in the Reply To entry (optional).

5.Click Save



If an administrator should be notified of new or changed bookings:


1.Select Administration>Organization Settings>User Access and Notification. the Notify When Booking Made By entry, select whether the administrator should receive notifications for bookings made by all users, general and reserve users, or just reserve users

3.If you want to also notify the administrator when a booking is changed, turn Notify if Changed on

4.Enter the email address of the administrator

5.Click Save


If a resource or client should be notified of bookings that include them:


1.Select Administration>Organization Settings>Clients, Resources, Categories

2.In the Notify Client or Notify Resource entries, choose whether to just allow email notification for a booking, or to make notification the default for all new bookings