Setup and Cleanup

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Setup and Cleanup

ResSched 10 allows users to include setup and cleanup time for bookings if enabled in Organization Settings.  Any effort to book resources during times allocated for the setup or cleanup of another bookings will result in a conflict alert/restriction


There are some important concepts that apply.


1.Setup and cleanup times are applied at the booking level.  Any times entered in Organization Settings for setup or cleanup are simply default values which the user can change.

2.Setup and cleanup apply to all the resources involved in the booking.  If a resource has significantly different setup cleanup needs that the other resources for a booking, consider making two bookings for the same event.  The booking name and client information can be same for both bookings (assumes client conflict checking is turned off in Organization Settings).

3.While setup and cleanup are set at the booking level, administrators can set minimum setup and cleanup times for the use of individual resources.  If a proposed booking does not include enough setup or cleanup for any of the resources, a conflict alert/restriction is generated.