Trouble Shooting Installation and Settings

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Trouble Shooting Installation and Settings

These instructions are intended for administrators with access to the server used by ResSched.


Initial Access


Unable to reach Sign In page for ResSched using localhost on the server


Restart ressched.exe on the server.  Open the Logging tab.  If logging is not already on,  turn it on, save the changes, restart ressched.exe and open the Logging tab .  


Unable to listen on to port ... address in already in use.


The secure or insecure ports shown in the Connections tab are already being used by another program.   Select a different port for ResSched or disable the program currently using the port.  Using port 80 as an example, you can find the program by:


1.At the command prompt, enter netstat -a -o -n -p tcp | "find 80" ;

2.Find the address with :80 at the end (e.g.  The last column has the Process Identification Number (PID) of the program using the port;

3.Open Task Manager,  click on the Details tab and find the program with that PID.


World Wide Publishing Services is often set to use port 80 by default without administrators being aware of it.  When turning this service off,  make sure that the Startup type property is set to Disable,


Listening on IP port ...


ResSched has connected to the port and is ready to receive requests.  Any requests received will show as GET and POST statements in the Log. If there are no GET statements showing after calling localhost with the server browser, the port is being blocked by the firewall or other security program.  You must create an inbound exception for ressched.exe in your security settings.



Can Only Reach Sign In Page using localhost


Everything is working on the server, but others can't reach ResSched.  If your users go through a router to reach ResSched, your router must be set up to forward requests to the server ResSched is running on.  Refer to your router documentation on port forwarding or virtual server.  Your firewall may also block some users or all external users from reaching ResSched.



Browser Won't Connect to Insecure Port


Browsers are becoming more strict on connecting to insecure ports.  At writing, most browsers have additional steps you must take to connect and soon some will not allow a connection at all.  The solution is to use a secure port with a TLS certificate


User Passwords Fail after Data Conversion


Passwords for ResSched 10 are now case sensitive.  During conversion existing passwords are set to all upper case. After signing with the upper case password, users can change the case of their passwords subject to Organization Settings


Unable to Connect/Send to Email Server


If all the email connection settings appear correct, try Binding to Single IP Address


Schedules on Web Pages and Signage


Schedules Don't Show For Some Entities


Graphic schedules for entities with an ampersand (&) in their name will not be generated on stand alone web pages or signage.