Trouble Shooting Schedules and Bookings

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Trouble Shooting Schedules and Bookings

Slow loading


The most common source for slow loading booking schedules and browses is improper settings for Bookings can Cross Midnight in Organization Settings.


The Bookings can Cross Midnight setting is for organizations that run overnight operations, or need to book resources for exclusive use for extended, uninterrupted periods of time; for example, heavy equipment.  It is NOT for organizations that just have bookings that are repeated over weeks, months, or even years.  These are Repeat bookings and ResSched will block out separate times for each occurrence as specified when you make the booking.  If you turn on Bookings can Cross Midnight and enter a large number (say, 365) in maximum single occurrence field, ResSched must go through every occurrence that started in the last year and determine if the occurrence ended before schedule/browse period.  Turning on Bookings can Cross Midnight also adds more fields to your bookings, schedules, and browses.


Browse Bookings can also be sped up by turning on Display By Page in the Browse settings form





Schedules Don't Show For Some Entities


Graphic schedules for entities with an ampersand (&) in their name will not be generated on stand alone web pages or signage.