Add/Update Client

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Add/Update Client

If Use Clients has been turned on in Organization Settings, Resource and system administrators can add new clients to ResSched using Clients>Add Client  from the main menu. General users can also add new clients, if General Users can Create Clients has been turned on in Organization Settings. Administrators can edit an existing client and other authorized users can view details by clicking EditButton in Browse Clients.


General Tab



Unique name for the client. Required


Client is not available for bookings and is only optionally included in graphical schedules or browse bookings. Allows clients to be withdrawn from ResSched without losing historical booking information


Lets you select a color to associate with this client in graphical schedules or browse bookings.



Contact Tab


Contact information for the client.  If the user chooses to send booking information to the client, ResSched uses the email address field in Contact.


Groups Tab


Displays all the client groups that include the client. Administrators can use the Add to Client Group button to add the client to more groups and use the DeleteButton to remove the client from the group.



Notes Tab


Users can add up to 5000 character of free form text to the client.


URLs Tab


An unlimited number of URLs for web pages, pdfs or other documents that can be opened with a web browser can be added to the client.