Add/Update Resource Group

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Add/Update Resource Group

Resource and system administrators can manage resource groups with Browse Resource Groups, called from Resources>Resource Groups on the main menu.  Clicking the Add Resource Group button for a new group or the EditButton to edit an existing group call the Resource Group Information page.


General Tab


Group name

A unique name for this resource group.


List of all the resources associated with this group. Administrators can add resources to the group using the Add Resources button, or remove a resource from the group using the DeleteButton button for that resource..


User Authorizations


If Administrators have not given all users the rights to book and view all resources, or all resource groups in Organization Settings, they can set rights to use this group for all users or for individual users.


For This Group, All users Can:

Book and View

All users can book and view all the resources of this group, except view only users who can only view.


All users can book and view all the resources of this group, except view only users who need separate authority to view. Useful for separating internal from external users.  


All users can view all the resources of this group.

Select Only

All users can select this group to view schedules, but only the resources they are authorized for will be displayed.


If Book and View is selected, individual user authorization is not relevant and the next section is not shown

Individual User Authorization for This Group

List of all general, reserve and view only users with any rights to book, view or select the resource group. For each user, it shows whether the right is for all resource groups, or this particular group.   Resource and system administrators always have rights to book or view and are excluded from the list.



User can book all the resources in the group.


User can view all the resources in the group.

Select Only

User can select the group, but must have other authority to view specific resources in the group.


User has no additional authority for this specific group.


Remove this user from the list.


Notes Tab


Users can add up to 5000 character of free form text to the resource group.


URLs Tab


An unlimited number of URLs for web pages, pdfs or other documents that can be opened with a web browser can be added to the resource group.