Upgrading from ResSched 9

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Upgrading from ResSched 9

New Features


ResSched 10 comes with a host of new features requested by users.  Many of these are enabled in Organization Settings. Some of the new features are:


Setup and Cleanup for Bookings

You have the option adding separate setup and clean up periods for bookings each with their own color.

Multiple Clients for Bookings

Add multiple clients for a booking, such as students for a class or attendees for an event.

Client Groups

View the schedules of several clients at a glance.


Include images with resources and clients

Email booking information to clients or resources automatically as icals.

For importing into individual calendars

Link users as clients

You can set ResSched to create a client record for each user created.

Criteria lists

ResSched lets general users use resource groups to create their own lists for viewing resources that meet specific criteria.

Control access to resources through resource groups as well as by individual resources

A long requested feature,  Add a resource to a resource group and all users authorized to use that group automatically get the access to the resource.

Export to CSV

All browse lists and text schedules can be exported as CSV files to the user's download folder.

Support for unattended display

Schedules can be shown and kept current on unattended signage and kiosks



Data Conversion


Your existing data can be transferred to ResSched 10 but you must convert it to the new format first.  If you choose to go back to ResSched 9 for any reason you can convert your back to the old format.  See Data Conversion for complete details.


Issues to Consider


TIme Zones


Your time related data will be converted to Universal Coordinated Time (UTC) based on the geographic time zone you select during data conversion.  Dates and times will be displayed based on the geographic time zone you select in Organization Settings. The default time zone in both cases is U.S./New York


Existing ResSched Users


Your existing user IDs will be imported into ResSched.  Passwords will be converted to all upper case (passwords are now case sensitive). Current users will log on to ResSched and enter their user name and password as they do now.


Users' authority to book and view resources can now be set by resource groups as well as by resource and globally.


Users' authority to book resources  or view schedules can come from several sources. These authorization sources are tested in the order shown below. A lower authorization is only tested if the higher authorizations have failed.


Access Level

Resource and System Administrators have authority to book and view all resources. View only users can never book a resource regardless of other authorization.

Organization Setting

A system administrator can set all resources as available to all users to book or view in Organization Settings

Global User Authority

A user can be given the authority to book or view all resources.  A default value for new view only, reserve, or general user IDs can be set in Organization Settings

Global Resource Group Authorization

Any Resource Group can be designated for all users to book or view all the resources in the group.

Global Resource Authorization

Any resource can be designated as available to all users to book or view.

Specified Groups

A user can be authorized to book or view all the resources of specific resource groups.

Specific Resources

A user can be authorized to book or view one or more specific resources.


Authorization to use specified resources or groups can be done in Add/Update User, Add/Update Resource, or Add/Update Resource Group, The authorization is mirrored between the respective pages.