User Access

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User Access


Public Access

Allow Public Users

Permit public or semi-public users (e.g., students or  association members) to create their own user IDs from their email address. These user ID's are limited to making reserve status bookings that are optionally subject to administrator confirmation. Conditional:  Organization must have an Enterprise Option Subscription and Use Email for Notifications must be turned on in Server Settings.


System administrators can apply filters to restrict the who can create a public user ID. These filters are simple ASCII files (txt) that list the user email addresses or domains. The filters are applied in the order below and if a user email meets a filter condition, it is approved or prohibited regardless of later filters.


Banned Individuals: List of individual email addresses prohibited from creating a public user ID.


Approved Individuals:  List of email addresses approved for creating a public user ID, such as an association mail list.


Approved Domains:  List of email domains that are approved for creating public user ID's, for example, an .edu domain for students.

No Deletions After Confirmation

Once an administrator has changed a booking from reserved status, the reserve user can not delete booking on their own.


Notify Administrator

Use Email for Notifications must be turned on in Server Settings.

Notify When Booking Made By

Select whether an administrator is notified when a specified level of user makes a booking.  This notification is often used to alert an administrator to new bookings made by reserve users that need confirmation.  

Notify If Changed

Also, alert the administrator if those users change an existing booking

E-mail Notification To

The email address used to receive all administrator notifications.  This address will also receive notification of any errors in updating data files.




Passwords are case sensitive.

Minimum Requirements

Minimum Characters:  Must be at least 5 characters and not more than 30 characters

Mixed Case:  There must be at least 1 upper and 1 lower case character in the password.

Include Numbers:  At least 1 character in the password must be 0-9


Passwords are case sensitive.

Allow Password Reset By

Forgotten passwords need to be reset. System administrators can let lower access level users reset their own passwords. When a user resets their password a temporary password valid for 15 minutes is emailed to the user's primary email address with a notification emailed to the user's secondary address if available. System administrators can restrict this option to combinations of view only, reserve, and general users. Administrators must get their forgotten passwords reset by another system administrator.   Use Email for Notifications must be turned on in Server Settings.

Hours Before New Password Expires

Hours before a password created or changed by a system administrator expires if the user does not log in. 0 is no limit. Does not apply to passwords reset by the user themselves.

Maximum Password Failures

Maximum number of times a user can try to log in unsuccessfully in a session before their access is delayed or notification sent.  0 is unlimited attempts.

Password Failure Delay

If the user exceeds the maximum failures, how long should they be suspended.

Password Failure Notification

Should the user or a security admin be notified when the maximum number of failures has been exceeded.  If a security admin is selected, enter an email address.