Single Web Based Application New

ResSched 10 combines the features of the Corporate Edition and the ResSched Web module into one web based application that is easy to install, maintain and administer. You can offer access to a single office or a global community with easy security and operations administration.
Flexibility Enhanced

ResSched 10 provides flexibility for you to customize ResSched to your business needs, including the using your own terminology for bookings, resources, clients, and categories.

To make it easier to configure its many organization settings to your needs, ResSched offers Operational Templates. Select the type of organization most similar to yours, then adjust any of the dozens of settings to fine tune ResSched to your exact needs. Unused settings are stripped from the your users' display so they get a clean, uncluttered look.
Support for Mobile and Full Screen Devices New

ResSched 10 uses responsive CSS to provide an effective, easy to use experience with any size device.
Wide range of schedule formats Enhanced

  • Detailed text or at-a-glance graphical schedules

  • Vertical or timeline layouts

  • Viewing in increments ranging from 10 minutes to months

  • Accommodates large groups of resources or clients, or limited to individual resources, clients, or booking categories,

  • Options for text content and color based information.

  • Access controlled by authorization rights of user

Resource and Client Groups for Easy Scheduling and Viewing Enhanced

Resources and clients can be grouped together for easy scheduling and viewing. View the bookings of all the resources/clients in a group in a single graphic schedule. Select resources/clients from a group rather than the whole list of resources/clients. Or add all the resources/clients of a group to a booking with just a couple of clicks. A group can have any number of resources/clients and a resource or client can be part of any number of groups, so you have complete flexibility. Some examples of groups would be: all rooms of a certain size, all the technicians with a specific skill, or all the equipment needed to do a particular task, students in a particular term. Groups save a lot of time in scheduling and make it easier to manage utilization.
Conflict Checking Enhanced

ResSched checks all proposed bookings for possible schedule conflicts in all the selected resources. Optional checking include client schedule conflicts, bookings outside of approved hours, or bookings in predefined periods such as holidays or exam days, Administrators set how each user level can deal with conflicts.
Pooled Resources

Unlike some other scheduling tools, ResSched lets you schedule and do conflict checks on pooled resources. Pooled, or inventoried, resources are those resources that you manage as a pool, not as individual units, e.g., stacking chairs or microphones. You don't want to schedule them individually, but you need to know that you haven't overbooked them
Handles Repeat Bookings Easily

ResSched handles many types of repeat booking easily (even more options in ResSched 10). It even lets you schedule bookings that occur irregularly. Save valuable staff time.
User and Resource Administration Enhanced

Control exactly which users can book or view which resources. Set authorization by user level, individual user, individual resource or resource group, even specific users matched to specific resources, You can also limit some users to only making reservations subject to administrator confirmation
Multiple Clients per Booking New

Bookings can now have more than one client (e.g. students or attendees)
Provide Schedules on Your Website or Signage New

Generate links to specific schedules easily. These schedules stay current and can be accessed without a user ID.
Setup and cleanup management New

New options for managing setup and clean up, including enforcement of minimum setups and cleanups for individual resources, Setup and clean up times are optional in schedule displays.
Notify Clients and Resources Enhanced

Set ResSched to automatically notify clients or resources of new or changed bookings by email.
Resource Criteria Enhanced

Users can use shared or create their own criteria lists to quickly find or display schedules of all resources that meet multiple criteria.
Easy Export New

Export text schedules and other text output to Excel with just the click or tap.
Global or Local Time Zones New

For organizations with users in multiple time zones, ResSched 10 handles time zone adjustments and Daylight Saving time changes.