Prices and Ordering

New ResSched Licenses

ResSched 10 is licensed by user ID.  Except for Extended Version licensees, every user that can make any changes to information in ResSched or has specific rights to view resources, must have a user ID.   Licenses normally cover 3 month, one year, or two year periods.

To order:

  • Select the period in years or months you want subscribe;
  • Enter the name of your organization;
  • Click/tap Add to Cart;
  • Enter the number of user ID’s;
  • Enter payment details.
Period Covered (minimum)Price per User ID per Month (USD)Enter Name of Your Organization and press one button
1 Year$5.00
Organization Name:

2 Years$4.00
Organization Name:

3 Months$8.00
Organization Name:

Existing ResSched Licenses

Licensees of ResSched 9 with current technical support and updates coverage are entitled to use ResSched 10 for the period of their coverage and for as long as they keep their ResSched 9 coverage up to date.   See Upgrading from 9 to 10 for more details.

Ordering the Extended Option

The Extended Option  for unlimited ‘reserve’ access users covers a the same period as a normal ResSched 10 subscription.  The cost of the Extended Option license is not affected by the number of user ID’s.  The Extended Option requires a regular ResSched 10 license

Period Covered (minimum)Cost per Month ($USD) 
1 Year$49.00
2 Years$36.00
3 Months$69.00

When Your License Subscription Ends

Your data belongs to you.  If you choose not to renew your license subscription,  you still be able view and export any information entered into ResSched.  No new information can be added to ResSched 10 without a valid license subscription.

Telephone and Purchase Orders

Credit card orders can also be made by phone at 1.888.291.2911 (U.S. and Canada) or 1.250.733.2570.  Purchase orders can emailed to