Release History

Session ended page was not being displayed when session timed out. Without an active session, drop lists and other tools will not work properly.
Bar codes can be used to add resources to bookings or resource groups

Schedules called by URL:
Forward and back buttons on schedules;
Call schedules from different data sets by URL (Enterprise Option);
Clicking on booking shows detail in a popup rather than the booking form;
Clients and categories can be excluded from Browse Bookings.

Drop list for applying changes to repeat bookings made more visible

In some cases, unaccepted conflicts would block saving the booking information
In schedules called by URL, going to the previous year using the Back button would display the wrong year.

Enterprise Option now includes support for multiple data sets, maps, and an API for data retrieval and import with ResSched.

Changes to irregular repeating bookings not being saved properly;
The Delete button on the Booking Information form did not return to schedule or browse that called the form
Color picker issues.
Primary not processed properly if entered with cut and paste;
Changing a single occurrence of a repeated booking could cause a duplicate;
Adding a resource to an existing booking might bypass conflict checking.
Administrators can generate self-signed certificates for fully qualified domains
Administrators can generate CSRs for all domains without submitting qualified domains to Let's Encrypt

Browse bookings display not refreshing automatically on change or delete.
Users have the option of showing setup/cleanup times for resources in schedules

Double quotes in booking name were interfering with schedule display.
Changes to Irregular repeating bookings were not being saved when 'All occurrences' was selected for applying the changes.
The date entries for adding an irregular occurrence did not display the dd/mm/yyyy format.
Start date for week vertical schedules was not being saved for next use.
ics files for client notification were incomplete.
Schedules and Browse Bookings displayed separate from settings to allow easier viewing and printing.
New option to view all bookings on a single page or multiple pages which load faster.

Irregular repeat booking data showing Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) instead of local time.
.ics files not getting proper booking information
Wider Notes field that uses the full width available.
Delete button on booking form to allow fewer actions to delete a booking by authorized users.
New menu for mobile devices

Date back button did not show the proper date for month or quarter schedules if the new date went back into a new year.
Date format inconsistently applied in some browsers
Quarter year timeline now available;

Public View User ID validation;
Irregular dates not saved properly;
Better, more consistent style
Faster performance
Automatic restart on errors
10.108Fixed :
units not validating on existing bookings;
false negative in conflict checking;
problem adding and deleting users to user groups and authorization lists;
invalid date error message;
booking table not open error;
ics files sometimes not attached to email notifications
Style components for easier viewing and selection. Users may need to clear their browser caches to see the improvements

Bug in "user is client" process
Fixed: Time picker layout and mis-entry
Email notification setting bugs
Layout of Organizational Settings for better clarity

False positives in some multi-day bookings conflict checking
Client and resource notifications sometimes blocked
Setup/cleanup times not showing on some schedules
Incremental date buttons to schedule settings to speed flipping between days and weeks

Display of JavaScript generation for integration in web pages.
Color and notes not showing when unattended displays refreshed.
10.100Commercial Release
Beta .90 - .98